Villa for sale in Bodrum

Turkey, Bodrum, Bodrum

EURO ‚ā¨730000


Property Description

Kaledos offers an alternative elite life in the middle of Aegeanís magical place Bodrum, alienated from the city centerís chaos. It is an invitation to serenity and peace for those who donít want to live and discover Bodrumís pleasure for just a few months but rather every day of the year. Just a few steps away from your boat and walking distance to the city center, Kaledos combines functionality with an aesthetic perception harmonious with Bodrumís nature. Kaledos is for those who seek an already built premium reality rather than exaggerated dreams. 16 top line villas positioned in a perfect order on a hillside with a view of Bodrum Castle and Marina. Two different large living options over 300 and 400 metresquares, large gardens with excusively designed landscapes surrounding the three stories villas, outdoor pools for each villa, large parking lot, terraces and balconies facing the sun, perfect architecture for those who seek the best, material details and more...

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  • Contact name: Rochelle Tursak
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  • Tel: +90 252 313 3536


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