Villa for sale in DIDIM

Turkey, Altinkum, DIDIM

EURO ‚ā¨100000


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4 contiguous duplexes. Our duplex house with a garden path 200 mt port Didim Altinkum beach and close to the center of said distance. Our house is on a corner parcel in front of a large park and is next to two broad ways, Each duplex 170 m2 area and offers a wide range of applications. Each duplex 3 bedrooms, 1 living room 2 bathrooms, 2 balconies and a large terrace consists of. Each duplex has its own garden and garage. Our construction date of delivery Haziran 10-2014 respectively ROUGH CONSTRUCTION DETAILS 1 - Basic waterproofing in accordance with regulation 2 - Geologic regulation on the floor . 3 - Concrete iron manufacturing thermal insulation during the earthquake building inspection regulations to control all checks are made . 4 - Electrical and plumbing materials and branded TSA is guaranteed . 5 - pvc double glazing 1st quality , branded and mosquito nets. 6 - Building entrance door , steel door , iÁkapi American type. 7 - Center the satellite antenna systems . 8 - Swimming pool is available. 9 - Garden design and lighting system will be implemented . 10 - Balcony stairs and railings are aluminum, stainless steel, chrome and tempered glass . 11 - Duplex our entrance gate and path are separate. 12 - Garage CONSTRUCTION DETAILS INSIDE 1 - Duplex floor and wall tiles are used in our Class 1 (in the pipeline entering the laminate to our customers , such as paint color selection can . 2 - Duplex our walls and ceilings are plaster and papier mache . 3 - Kitchen cabinet and countertop materials will be used in Grade 1 . 4 - Our stairs and landings is our 1st quality marble . 5 - Outdoor ceramic and marble floors will be applied. 6 - Room and lounge laminate flooring 7 - Wet floors and ceramic tiles Grade 1 will be applied. WC- BATHROOM 1 - 100 luxury bathroom cabinet bottom and topped . 2 - 6mm tempered glass shower - will be mounted decorative tub . 3 - Jacuzzi in the master bathroom 4 - Water Heaters are available GSM:+ 90 5412419094

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  • Tel: +905412419094
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